Looking for a Master's Degree designed for Tech Savvy Teachers?

In Fall 2025, California State University, Northridge will start the 11th cohort in Master of Arts in Educational Technology.

flyer for cohort 10Deadline May 15th 2025

The MA program in Computers and Educational Technology prepares teachers, technology coordinators, and software developers to implement current technology tools in education, and to evaluate future technologies as they emerge. The MA cohort provides an opportunity to study as part of a community of educators for the entire program.

The program is targeted for middle and high school teachers but often includes students from elementary schools, higher ed and industry as well. This diversity adds more perspective to our discussions and expands all of our knowledge about the different applications of educational technology. Our graduates have gone on to teach and support education at universities and schools all over the world while others continued on for their doctorate. 

Program Features:
Current theory and best practice in technology education
Classes taken as a cohort of teachers
Two-year program; generally one night per week
Guaranteed enrollment in cohort classes
Courses to develop your technology skills and knowledge of how to apply technology in the classroom including:
  • Developing and using educational multimedia
  • Creating interactive software for learning
  • Developing educational websites
  • Assessing the impact of innovations in the classroom
  • Integrating technology into the science, math, English or social studies classroom

Meet the EdTechMA Alumnae

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You will take courses as a cohort and have time for selecting elective courses that are relevant to your interests.  Don't miss your chance - new cohorts start once every two years! The next cohort after this will begin in 2023.

"To sum up my experience, I would analogize by saying that I came into the program like a regular old table knife when it comes to technology. I’m leaving as a professional chef’s blade, able to cut quickly and precisely and I know that technology in the classroom is not only the inevitable future but the exciting future."  Kyle (Cohort 5)

How to Apply


Educational Technology MA – Program Specs 



Semester 1:

  • SED 618 – Educational Multimedia
  • SED 642– Educational Website Development

Semester 2:

  • SED 600 – Education Research
  • SED 652 - Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Semester 3:

  • SED 690ET – Ed Technology in K-12
  • SED 671 - Educational Software Development

Semester 4:

  • SED 610ET – Education Leadership
  • SED 697 – Comp Exam Preparation

Classes are offered on Tuesday nights (except some electives).  The first class runs 4:00-6:50 and the second 7:00-9:50. 

None of the classes are online, but many are “hybrid”. 

All courses utilize the latest tech tools (e.g. Canvas, Moodle, Zoom, Google Sites)

The EdTechMA Program is 30 units (10 courses) total.

In addition to the above classes, students must either take two additional classes – these can be classes taken for a credential program.

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