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Thanks for your interest in the CSUN Ed Technology  Masters program.  For details about the program click here.

There is a two stage process for applying to the EdTechMA program. You must complete both the University Application and the Department Application. Both of these applications are completed online.

A. University Application:

Most applicants, who are not current CSUN students, need to complete the University Application. This form is available at

 > calstate.edu/apply

In your application, use the following information to specify the MA program for Secondary Education - Computer in Educational Technology

(listed as Education - Educational Technology

This process will involve having your undergraduate records sent to the university.  The department only gets a record of these after your csumentor application is complete.  You may need to follow up to make sure that documents have been received.  You can call the admissions office at (818) 677-3700.

Current (or very recent) CSUN graduate students do not need to apply to the University - they can submit a "Change of Objective for Graduate Students" form. This form is available at https://www.csun.edu/graduate-studies/graduate-student-forms


Applications to the university require a bachelors degree with an undergraduate GPA over 2.5.  The GRE is no longer required to apply! Unfortunately the university does not take grades from credential classes into account. Students whose GPA is below 2.5 can submit an appeal that may include a GRE exam. Please contact the graduate advisor for more information.

Deadline for the University Application

Applicants can complete the University Application starting in January 2025. Applications must be submitted online by  May 1, 2025. Applicants will receive a notice of their standing with the university (denied, conditionally classified or fully classified). Acceptance to the university does not imply acceptance for the Educational Technology MA Cohort.

B. Department Application:

To be considered for the MA cohort for Computers in Educational Technology (aka EdTechMA) you must be accepted by the university (either conditional or fully classified) and submit the Department Application. The Department application is an online form (linked above) . You will need to register an account (create a login and password and profile) to get to the application form.

In addition to completing the online form, you need to arrange to have two letters of reference sent to the department. Your letters should be from people familiar with your teaching or other work. At least one should be from someone knowledgeable about your use of technology. The letters should be sent via email to sed.office@csun.edu or mailed to:

Graduate Advisor
Department of Secondary Education

California State University, Northridge

Northridge, CA 91330-8265

Deadline for the Departmental Application
You can complete this at any time until the program is full. To be guaranteed full consideration, you must complete the application online by May 1, 2025. Letters of reference can arrive after this date, but we will not review an application until it is complete. Applications may be accepted after this date but once the program is full, no further applications will be considered.

C. Other Requirements:

Teaching & Credential Requirement
The EdTech MA program no longer requires a year of teaching or a teaching credential.

Writing Exam
All students must pass the CSUN Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE) by the end of their first year in the program. If you completed this as part of an undergraduate program at CSUN then you do not need to retake it. All other students will be admitted conditionally and will have until the end of their first year to pass this test. For more information go to

International Students
International applicants must apply early (April 1, 2025) to allow time for the university to examine international transcripts. In addition, students need to show language skills on TOEFL or similar exam. International applicants will also be required to do an interview with the graduate advisor. For more information go to International Graduate Applicants.



Other MA programs
CSUN Secondary Education Department offers masters programs in Math Education, English Education, Science Education, Multilingual and Multicultural Education and Curriculum & Instruction. For more information see http://www.csun.edu/eisner-education/secondary-education/masters-programs

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