Application FAQ

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Here are some of the questions that we are getting about the application process. If your question is not answered, send an email to Prof. Brian Foley
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When will classes be held?

by Brian Foley -
All courses are taught in the afternoon (4-7pm) or evening (7-10pm). Typically cohort classes are scheduled back to back on Wednesdays.

During semester when there are elective courses, depending on what course you choose it may be on a different night (meaning you would have to come to campus two nights a week that semester).

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What kind of website is this?

by Brian Foley -
This site is created with the Moodle online course system. Moodle is a free system for doing online courses (like a free version of Blackboard or WebCT). You can find out more at

We have been using Moodle with the Educational Technology cohort on an experimental basis for two years. The software is generally very good but there have been some bugs. We are planing to use this website for many of the cohort classes.

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What elective courses will be offered?

by Brian Foley -
In addition to the required courses we currently offer courses on:
  • Introduction to computers for teachers (SED 514)
  • Technology in math and science teaching (SED 646)
  • Technology for language learning (SED 617)
  • Educational software development (SED 671)
  • Computer network administration (SED 695G)
We also plan on offering a course on technology for social science teaching in 2008. Students are able to take masters level courses in other departments such as Elementary Education (e.g. EED 602). Students can also arrange with a professor to conduct and independent study project for course credit (SED 699).
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What is the cost of the program

by Brian Foley -

We have structured the program to reduce costs. If you have two courses (or 6 units) to use from your credential or other graduate work, then you only need to take 8 courses for the degree. We do that in 4 semester of 2 courses each. This means the fees are the lowest possible. I dont have the current rate but last year it was  $1953 each semester (they just voted a 5% increase for next year). The cost for 2 years would be about $8400 for tuition.  We try not to require many textbooks or software so there are few other costs.

This website has info on last years' tuition rate. Most students are paying at the Graduate 6 unit rate . It could be more if you need to take general ed classes (if you dont have credential classes to use).