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We are in the final stretch. Time to write up those research projects.

Time for applications for Cohort 8!

C8 starts Fall 2019 with a teacher friendly schedule (one night per week) and a chance to learn about the newest tools for classroom teaching. Join hundreds of alumnae including teachers, tech specialists and researchers.

Check out these conferences - great opportunities to learn about the latest tools and research.

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Happy Hour of Code Week
by Brian Foley - Thursday, 7 December 2017, 9:03 AM

Hour of Code Week - aka CS Education Week or Computational Thinking lets code logoWeek

The goal of the week is to have everyone do at least one hour of coding. The idea is that everyone needs to develop their computational thinking skills, so it is good to practice a bit. Even people who know how to code (like ...

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Digital History Projects combine Statistics with History
by Brian Foley - Saturday, 31 December 2016, 3:17 PM

(Most of these are thanks to Rebecca Onion of SLATE)

Mapping Inequality - Redlining Data and Maps from 1930s about neighborhoods (including LA) and what were considered a good loan risk. .

map from 1930s

Six degrees of Sir Francis Bacon  - network of connections in European intellectuals circa 1600

Colored Conventions (coloredconventions.org) - Data about Black political organization in the 1800's

Delegate Attendance by state and year

Histography (https://histography.io/) - an interactive timeline of all historical events on Wikipedia.


Los Angeles Census Data 1940 Maps by ethnicity (UCLA Library collection)

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My Take on the LAUSD iPad attempt
by Brian Foley - Wednesday, 26 August 2015, 1:33 PM

Presented this talk at the 2015 CRESST conference


clips from LA Times