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Cohort 8 continues with semester 2 learning about Ed Tech theory, practice and research. It is interesting to look back on both the successes and failures of the past decade and try to look ahead at what is on the horizon.

Classes start Aug 28!

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Internet access improves as Digital Divide Persists

by Brian Foley -

A new study by Public Policy Institute of California shows that broadband access is widespread although still not universal.

California’s Digital Divide

As the graph below shows, 74% of Californians have broadband access at homes, including over 50% of low income households. As we know, the Digital Divide has many facets, but access to the internet has been a significant gap in the past.

ppic graph on broadband access

One of the findings that is most interesting to me is that PPIC reports that nearly 20% of CA schools have 1-to-1 computers for students. This finding matches what we have been seeing in Los Angeles schools. Our data shows that about 40% of classrooms that are student teachers are placed in have 1-to-1 devices. This is a huge improvement over a few years ago and demonstrates that we are seeing a real commitment to computers in schools.

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