Internet access improves as Digital Divide Persists

Internet access improves as Digital Divide Persists

by Brian Foley -
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A new study by Public Policy Institute of California shows that broadband access is widespread although still not universal.

California’s Digital Divide

As the graph below shows, 74% of Californians have broadband access at homes, including over 50% of low income households. As we know, the Digital Divide has many facets, but access to the internet has been a significant gap in the past.

ppic graph on broadband access

One of the findings that is most interesting to me is that PPIC reports that nearly 20% of CA schools have 1-to-1 computers for students. This finding matches what we have been seeing in Los Angeles schools. Our data shows that about 40% of classrooms that are student teachers are placed in have 1-to-1 devices. This is a huge improvement over a few years ago and demonstrates that we are seeing a real commitment to computers in schools.