Discussion at the information meeting

Discussion at the information meeting

by Brian Foley -
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We had a good group come to the informational meeting (16 people) many of whom I have already been talking and some new people as well. Several questions can up that are not well explained in the information on the site:

Transferring courses: Many students transfer 6 units from their credential work for the MA. People whose credential is more than 5 years old or people who did their credential through a district or those without a credential will have to take two courses in addition to the 8 on the program. These electives can be from additional SED courses or relevant courses in other departments or even universities. Transfers from outside the department are considered on a case by case basis - so talk to an adviser.

Technology needed: No specific technology is required for the program - we have labs and student workroom that you can use. But it is recommended that you have a computer with internet access (the building has wireless). Further you should consider buying the Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Studio - which include Dreamweaver, Flash, & Fireworks. We will use these programs in our classes. You can get an academic price for the Studio 8 (about $300) from the bookstore.

Transcripts: The CSUMentor system requires you to have undergraduate transcripts sent, there should be guidance on the site to assist you in how to do that.

Letters of Recommendation: You must contact your letter writers yourself to get them to send letters to us. We ask for their names and addresses so we will know what to expect but we do not contact them directly.

We also had several of the current cohort students come and talk about how much they enjoyed the cohort - especially having a diverse group of teachers to meet with and learn from every week. They only said nice things because there was a professor in the room. You will have to contact them directly to get the complete story.