old archived courses

In the EdTech version of SED 600 we have dual goals of learning to conduct education research and learning about the literature on technology in education. We will start with a review of the key ideas in education (constructivism, transfer, zone of proximal development) and then look at how technology related to them. We will conduct a short experiment and then prepare research or development project proposals.

The SED 646 course is listed as Technology for Math and Science Instruction, but this class is part of the Math Ed. MA program so we will focus on Math teaching and learning. We will be lookin at a number of Math specific technology (e.g.graphing calculators, dynamic geometry, inteligent tutors, learning games and simulations). We will also look at trends in technology that are happenning now (e.g. iPads, flipping classes).

Identification of persistent issues in secondary education and survey of the literature relating to these. Emphasis is given to study of education problems and to acquaintance with reliable sources of educational research.

We prepare portfolios as the cumulative assessment for the MA in Educational Technology