“60 Minutes on CNBC/ American Health” (treating addicts, the uninsured and ageing)

Broadcast Date/Time:: 
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm

This broadcast contains investigative reports, interviews, profiles, and features stories that have made "60 Minutes" required viewing for millions. Now, CNBC brings viewers the latest on these stories with updates and never before seen footage. "Prescription for Addiction " is a report on Prometa, a new therapy that is said to break the grip of drug addiction in a simple treatment. Addicts who have tried everything and remained hopelessly hooked say their drug cravings ended almost overnight. " Medical Tourists" is about Americans, many without health insurance, who are combining vacations in exotic locales like India and Thailand with elective surgeries performed by world-class doctors in state-of-the-art hospitals at Third World prices. "Aging In The 21st Century" is about the graying of 78 million baby boomers is creating a vast marketing opportunity for doctors and pharmacists who claim they can slow down that process.  This new multi-billion dollar field is called anti-aging medicine, or age-management medicine.